Discover Major Findings Relating to Smoking in Wales

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This page contains documents relating to the Smoking Toolkit Study including questionnaires, reports of findings, lists of variables and links to the data behind each graph.

Data request agreement form docx 30.5 KB | 13/10/21 | DR_1
Link to graph data: Wales Monthly 13/10/21 | GD_M_WAL
Link to graph data: Wales E-cigarettes 13/10/21 | GD_EC_WAL
Link to graph data: Wales Top Line 13/10/21 | GD_TL_WAL
Latest survey questions - April 2024 docx 4.6 MB | 14/09/22 | STS_Q
COI for data request docx 24.9 KB | 13/10/21 | COI_1